Never worry about your bookkeeping again.

Hi I’m Lucy, I’m an amazing team of Texas bookkeepers, and I’m here to take care of you.


Our Happy Bookkeeping Clients…

Alysa F
Food Manufacturing Company

"You guys are so much more than a bookkeeping and
payroll service;you actually answer the phone and help
me with my business."
Roy C
Non-Profit Executive

"I am on the road doing seminars for six months out
of the year. Thank you for taking care of my business
and my personal finances."
Melissa B
Pool Service and Repair Company Owner

“Steve and Judy free up my time so I can better take care
of my customers and collect the money. I now love
going to the bank!”
Motel Owner/Operator

“I no longer worry about the books, payroll or taxes
because Stephen and Judy take care of everything,
so that I have more time to actually manage my motels.”

I’m the perfect bookkeeper for you, if you’re:

  • In IRS trouble, and need to get your taxes done.
  • Overwhelmed trying to do your books.
  • Looking to free-up yourself or staff.
  • Done with finicky bookkeeping software.
  • Fed-up with your bookkeeper/accountant.
  • In need of financials for a loan, evaluation, etc.

Bookkeeping as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1


Send me nothing. I use an automated software to collect your bank statements each month.

Step 2


I’ll do your bookkeeping in QuickBooks, then send you reports for your review and taxes.

Step 3


QuickBooks can be complicated, JUST CALL (210) 405-8747 and I’ll pick up, or email and I’ll reply ASAP.

Why I use QuickBooks?QuickBooks is the industry standard software. Most likely your accountant (CPA) or office uses QuickBooks, so you can use them, and if you ever decide to leave us – never gonna happen, it’s an easy transition.

One of my fav clients…


Behind on bookkeeping?

It happens. We’ll catch-up with you ASAP. All for a discounted rate.


Easy tax time.

Come tax time, you simply forward your reports to your accountant, or have them contact me directly.


Simple reports.

With monthly financial reports, you’ll be able to see the BIG PICTURE, and then take action to save and make more money!


More hours in your day.

Less time bookkeeping = more time to grow your business and enjoy your life.


Support when you need it.

Got a question? Just call me at (210) 405-8747, I’ll pick-up and provide a solution. Otherwise, shoot me an email, and I’ll reply ASAP.

I’m your best bookkeeping choice.

Bookkeeping Software Other Bookkeeping companies Individual Bookkeepers CPAs
An ACTUAL Person to help you the minute you have a question Rarely Rarely Rarely Rarely
Uses QuickBooks why this mattersQuickBooks is the industry standard software. Most likely your accountant (CPA) or office manager use QuickBooks, so you can use them, and if you ever decide to leave us – never gonna happen, it’s an easy transition. Rarely Rarely
Easy User Interface Rarely Rarely
Automatic Bank Statement retrieval Rarely Rarely
Issues 1099s Rarely
Won’t quit on you Rarely
Fixed, predictable pricing Rarely Rarely Rarely
90 day money-back guarantee Rarely Rarely Rarely Rarely
Public track record of reviews Rarely Rarely

Per Month

Based on your annual sales volume

One consult to end bookkeeping forever.

Lucy is a team of bookkeepers, just for you

Real humans. Perfect books. Available anytime.

Steve Cook, CPA

Judy Mangus,
Vice President

Ottawa General Contractor with 31 years of outstanding client relations and competitive pricing. Client-focused commercial General Contractors in Ottawa.

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I’ll do your bookkeeping. You enjoy your life.