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Hi I’m Lucy, a team of Dallas bookkeepers that provides bookkeeping services in Dallas.


Our Happy Bookkeeping Clients…

Food Manufacturing Company

"You guys are so much more than a bookkeeping and
payroll service; you actually answer the phone and help
me with my business."
Roy C
Non-Profit Executive

"I am on the road doing seminars for six months out
of the year. Thank you for taking care of my business
and my personal finances."
Motel Owner/Operator

“I no longer worry about the books, payroll or taxes
because Steve and Judy take care of everything,
so that I have more time to actually manage my motels.”
Award-Winning Entrepreneur

“Now all my books are up to date. My taxes are filed ON-TIME!”

I’m the perfect bookkeeping service in Dallas for you, if you’re:

  • In IRS trouble, and need to get your taxes done.
  • Overwhelmed trying to do your books.
  • Looking to free-up yourself or staff.
  • Done with finicky bookkeeping software.
  • Fed-up with other bookkeeping services from Dallas.
  • In need of financials for a loan, evaluation, etc.

Bookkeeping as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1


Send me nothing. I use an automated software to collect your bank statements each month.

Step 2


I’ll do your bookkeeping in QuickBooks, then send you reports for your review and taxes.

Step 3


QuickBooks can be complicated, JUST CALL (469) 256-7666, and I’ll pick up and help.

Why I use QuickBooks?
Most likely your accountant (CPA) or office uses QuickBooks because it’s the best accounting software in the World with 624,000 users. We use it so you can bring your books (data) to accountant or anyone.

One of my fav clients…


Behind on bookkeeping?

It happens. We’ll catch-up with you ASAP. All for a discounted rate.


Easy tax time.

Come tax time, you simply forward your reports to your accountant, or have them contact me directly.


Simple reports.

With monthly financial reports, you’ll be able to see the BIG PICTURE, and then take action to save and make more money!


11 more hours in your month.

Less time bookkeeping = 11 hours every month to run your business.


Support when you need it.

Got a question? Just call me at (469) 256-7666, I’ll pick-up and provide a solution.

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m your best bookkeeping choice.

CPAs Individual Bookkeepers
An ACTUAL Person to help you the minute you have a question Rarely Rarely
Uses QuickBooks why this mattersQuickBooks is the industry standard software. Most likely your accountant (CPA) or office manager use QuickBooks, so you can use them, and if you ever decide to leave us – never gonna happen, it’s an easy transition.
Automatic Bank Statement retrieval Rarely Rarely
Issues 1099s
Fixed, predictable pricing Rarely

One consult to end bookkeeping forever.

Let me take bookkeeping off your hands forever. Book a time now and we”ll get it done!

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Lucy is the Dallas bookkeeping service for you

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Steve Cook, CPA, MBA
CEO & President

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Vice President

Steve Cook, CPA, MBA
CEO & President

Judy Mangus,
Vice President


I’ll do your bookkeeping. You enjoy your life.

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Texas Cities We Serve

Bookkeeping Services San Antonio

9800 Lorene,
San Antonio, TX
78216, United States

Bookkeeping Services Austin

4711 E Riverside Dr,
Suite 2430, Austin, TX
78741, United States

Bookkeeping Services Houston

6650 Corporate Dr,
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77036, United States

Bookkeeping Services Dallas

5065 Amesbury Dr,
Suite 308, Dallas, TX
75206, United States

Bookkeeper San Antonio

9800 Lorene,
San Antonio, TX
78216, United States

Bookkeeper Austin

4711 E Riverside Dr,
Suite 2430, Austin, TX
78741, United States

Bookkeeper Houston

6650 Corporate Dr,
Houston, TX
77036, United States

Bookkeeper Dallas

5065 Amesbury Dr,
Suite 308, Dallas, TX
75206, United States

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Bookkeeping Service Online.

In my almost 40 years as an CPA (Certified Public Accounting), I’ve seen it over and over again with business owners. When gross revenue reaches about a $100,000+, they need to rely on bookkeeping services online.

Read on and find out what you need to know before hiring bookkeeping services in Dallas.

Keys Points:

  • Reasons You Might Need to Hire Bookkeeping Services in Dallas
  • Bookkeeping Services Online Provided
  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid Hiring a Bookkeeping Service in Dallas
  • What to Look for in an Bookkeeper
  • How to Find a Reputable Bookkeeping Service in Dallas
  • Basic Accounting Terminology
  • Tips for an Easy Tax Time

Let’s get start…

Reasons You Might Need to Hire Bookkeeping Services in Dallas

You know that most people use bookkeeping services online and for a wide range of reasons, but are your circumstances justifying a professional’s help?

And how do you know when it’s time to pick up your phone and get help?

Take these reasons for hiring a bookkeeper:

  • You’re not a professional bookkeeper. Seems obvious, and we’ve found at far too many business people either try to do their books themselves or give their books to someone else that doesn’t bookkeeping expertise. The result is, the bookkeeping often gets done improperly and late, which means IRS late-filing fines and/or paying an accounting a lot of money to fix books. Best to put your money in the most competent hands, recruiting professional Dallas bookkeeping services may be your best option.
  • You need some advice. You may not be aware of this, but bookkeepers do much more than just help you complete paperwork and submit financial transactions in practical ways. They can help you prepare your taxes, increase your deductibles, issue 1099s and W-2 (IRS forms), and issue payroll.
  • You’re ill-equipped to catch all of your mistakes. You’ve probably made at least one or two mistakes when you fill out your tax form. No matter how small these errors can be, they can cost you a lot of money down the line. Your best defense against your own mistakes is to hire your proofreading professionals.
  • You want someone on your side. No one likes an IRS audit. If you face this unfortunate circumstance, wouldn’t you know you have a professional to support you? If the worst is happening, call a bookkeeper. They’re ready to give you the support and representation when you need.

Now that you’re convinced you want a reliable bookkeeping services in Dallas in your back pocket, you might want to know exactly what you can expect from such a professional. You may be surprised to learn how vast the offerings are. Here is a list of bookkeepers’ services:

  • Tax preparation services. From the list of expenses to the information on which forms to file, bookkeepers can help you get your papers at the end of the year in order to send them to the IRS.
  • Business start up advice. There are many tasks you need to complete successfully if you want to start your own business, and many of those tasks are focused on your finances. A bookkeeper can help you develop a budget, prepare documents for submissions of business loans, implement a payroll and invoicing system and provide legal advice on start-ups.
  • Financial report preparation. If you need to submit a financial report (profit and loss statement, balance sheet, etc.) for a number of purposes (e.g. loan application), a qualified bookkeeper can do the job.
  • Auditing/Review. Generally speaking, an audit is an investigation by a third party (eg IRS) into your company, taking into account all your financial records, transactions and balance of accounts. When your company is audited by an Accounting, a bookkeeper can ensure that you comply with provincial and federal regulations and that you handle the financial aspects of your company.
  • Estate and trust planning. This involves developing a strategy to disperse your assets and allocate them in the event of your death. Nobody likes the idea of planning their own death, but this is a necessary part of life, especially if you want to protect the well-being of your loved ones.

5 Mistakes to Avoid Hiring a Bookkeeping Service in Dallas

When you consider outsourcing bookkeeping and cost, wouldn’t it be great if you found a bookkeeper who:

  1. Charged fixed monthly bookkeeping cost?
  2. Stayed with you through thick and thin?
  3. Used popular software so you could access your business information?
  4. Was always available to answer your questions?

Unfortunately, there’s too many sorry bookkeepers that do none of the above, but fortunately you can avoid those “bookkeepers” by avoiding these 5 mistakes

#5 MISTAKE: Paying a Hourly Bookkeeping Cost

An experienced bookkeeper can easily estimate how long it takes to prepare monthly reports for clients. That’s because they upload the same data fields each time, and let the system run the numbers.

Propose a fixed bookkeeping cost because if you don’t, your bookkeeping cost could end up running over your budget, and sending you a bill higher than you planned.

If they can’t estimate how long that takes then you have a reason to think twice!

#4 MISTAKE: Hiring A Part-Time Bookkeeper

Be careful of someone who does bookkeeping on the “side” for a little extra cash, or ‘just to keep busy now the kids have left home’.

This generally means your books, business, and questions are a very low-priority for them.

Worse yet, when something more interesting or urgent pops up, they’re gone! Nowhere to be found, and you’re stuck having to find about bookkeeper!

One of my recent clients shared with me “I invested countless meetings with my new bookkeeper to get familiar with each other and my books. Then, she up-and-left when the tax filing deadline was only a month away.”
Sound familiar?

#3 MISTAKE: Using Weird Software

A bookkeeper that uses uncommon software can turn out a nightmare if the deal goes south.

Whether they stop working for you or you terminate the relationship, your information is stuck with them!

So avoid bookkeeper use any software, but QuickBooks or Sage.

#2 MISTAKE: A Bookkeeper Who Says “The Tax Side is Up to You”

The IRS has the right to demand to see your financials behind your tax-return.

A bookkeeper who says they don’t do tax, may not do your bookkeeping so the information is unclear to the IRS. Resulting in you getting audited, paying fines and/or redoing your books.

Let’s face it; we might not bother to keep detailed books at all, if we didn’t have to account to the IRS!:)

The tax imperative is an essential part of a bookkeeper’s task. If they don’t provide tax inputs, don’t hire them.

#1 MISTAKE: Hiring A Disorganized Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is a precise science. Everything has to be spot on for the records to balance.

A decent bookkeeper has to be a detail-oriented person to do their job properly. They must be organized, keep track of everything, plan ahead, and meet the deadlines per their clients’ needs.

A bookkeeper who shows up late or plain forgets a meeting is a sloppy person who is just as likely to provide your tax information late.

The buck stops with you when it comes to your legal obligations with the IRS. They will come after you for the penalties, not your bookkeeper, so hire wisely.

What to Look for in a Bookkeeper

Once you have compiled a list of potential candidates, it’s time to evaluate each one to find your best fit.

How do you identify a professional?

Take these factors into consideration in a bookkeeper:

  • Experience. Not only should your selected bookkeeper have ample accounting experience, but you should also verify that you work with someone who has a considerable amount of experience working with a client who has similar needs to you. In other words, the bookkeeper who advises a billionaire developer of real estate may not be best equipped to deal with practical matters.
  • Credentials. This includes education, licensing and affiliations with professional organizations. The type of professional you need depends on your particular circumstances, as mentioned earlier.
  • Uses QuickBooks. I have a bias because I use QuickBooks software to do all my work. I’m not alone as QuickBooks has 624,000 users, making it the most popular online bookkeeping and accounting platform in the World. Use it because it’s easy, you’ll probably never need another platform, and you’ll be able to bring your data to any bookkeeper or accountant – yes you can even leave your correct professional that way.

How to Find a Reputable Bookkeeping Service in Dallas

Now that you know how to talk to a bookkeeper, you need to know where you can find professionals that fit your situation well. Fortunately, there are many great resources to help you do that, right in the length of your arm.

Here are some tips on finding a good bookkeeper:

  • Google. It’s the Google-age. It’s quick and easy. In fact with technology you can now find virtual bookkeeping services online that work remotely like – we work with small businesses all over the US. A couple of cautions with finding bookkeepers online and online services: 1) Always check their reviews 2) Some companies say they are bookkeeping services online when they are really just finicky self-serve softwares that sub-par to QuickBooks.
  • Ask around. If you want to find professionals you can trust, then a good bet is to ask people you know you can trust, especially other professionals like your lawyer and CPA (Certified Public Accountant). If your professionals or loved ones can point you in the right direction, then chances are, you’ve found a bookkeeper.
  • Check with the Professional Association of Small Business bookkeepers (PASBA). This organization is responsible for credentialing qualified professionals and a list of PASBA members in your area can be provided. We’re members.
  • Attend a Chamber of Commerce meeting. Your local Chamber of Commerce gathers and shares valuable information with business owners in your area. When you attend a Chamber of Commerce meeting, you can be sure to get some great referrals and even meet some bookkeepers face-to-face.

Basic Accounting Terminology

It seems that bookkeepers and accountants speak their own language. Therefore, you may want to brush up on your lingo before you make a first appointment to sit down and chat with a professional bean counter.

Fresh your financial vocabulary with this list of basic terms:

  • Appreciation. The value of your assets over a period of time.
  • Assets. Everything you own is worth money. Tangibles (cars, jewelry, etc.) and intangibles (home equity, stock shares, etc.) are your assets.
  • Balance sheet. Detailed record of your financial position at any time, balancing your assets against your liabilities.
  • Depreciation. The value of your assets over a period of time is losing.
  • General ledger. All your financial transactions are recorded over a certain period of time (accounting period).
  • Income statement. Ledger details all your income (or profit and loss) and expenses.
  • Interest. You agree to pay the amount of money in exchange for borrowing money. Interest may be at a fixed rate or may vary according to market conditions.
  • Liabilities. You owe debts. These include outstanding loans, balance sheets for credit cards, etc.

Tips for Making Tax Time Easier

No one enjoys the tax season, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be easy.

There are some practical measures to ease the tax time burden throughout the year.

Here are some tips to facilitate tax time:

  • Maintain an organized filing system for your records. Do this throughout the year-that is, file it as soon as you have a relevant tax record. You don’t end up with an intimidating pile of paperwork that needs to be addressed at the last minute. Invest in a good bookkeeping software like QuickBooks, and set-up online storage like Google Drive, and do you can tuck away all records where it is easy to access. QuickBooks will label the files in a way that helps you remember when you need them to get to what you need. A San Antonio bookkeeper can help you with QuickBooks and sorting through the details.
  • Keep your receipts. We suggest using Expensify or a similar app to record and file receipts into QuickBooks. Claiming how much you spend is not enough. You have to prove it!
  • Maintain a separate spreadsheet for your medical expenses. This is a very complicated area if you don’t take the time to record the details. Create a simple spreadsheet (for example, using any basic spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets) containing headers such as Service Type, Service Date / Time, Provider, Cost, Co-Payment Insurance and Payment Method, and enter this information each time you visit the doctor’s office.


If you have financial records to manage and you want to know that you make the most of your money, you can benefit greatly from hiring a professional bookkeeper.

I don’t mean to brag, but…

I’m Your Best Bookkeeping Service Online Choice.

Check out my reviews and I’ll tell you how I get it right, 99% of the time.

Here are the 5 ways I’m different from the other bookkeepers out there:

#1: I charge the same $199 monthly price to all my clients. They love it because I have no hidden fees and they can budget their bookkeeping cost accurately for the month end.

#2: I am 100% dedicated to bookkeeping. I do this every day. I know all the shortcuts, pitfalls, and advantages for you and your business.

#3: As I mentioned before, I use QuickBooks, along with another 624,000 users making it the most popular online bookkeeping services and accounting platform in the World.

#4: I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I worked years to earn that title. I know what I’m doing. Your books will be clean and set-up for maximum tax-return.

#5: My team of bookkeepers and I are all detail-oriented people. We love doing bookkeeping, so you can skip the stress and just let us take care of it.

Getting Started Is Easy…

Just give me at call (210) 495-4424 now or book a time online at for a free consult. We can discuss your business, your bookkeeping needs, and how we can work together.

Thank you for reading. I hope you hire the right bookkeeper for you.

Bookkeeping Services Dallas

Steve Cook is CPA (Certified Public Accountant) with almost 40 years expert saving his client money while keeping out of IRS trouble. He’s the President of, which will completely taking care of bookkeeping, so you can your run business. Sign-up for a free consultation with him or give him a call (210) 405-8747 – he’ll actually pick-up.