Cyber Security and CPA’s (Part 1)…………………
How It Affects Taxpayers

Steve Cook, CPA
last updated July 18, 2021


The following information is taken from Accounting Today (07/16/2021).

The Internal Revenue Service launched a campaign this summer to persuade tax professionals to improve their cybersecurity amid an escalating series of ransomware attacks around the world.

The IRS is partnering with state tax authorities and the tax industry in its Security Summit group as part of the summer cybersecurity campaign. The IRS said it has seen the number of data thefts reported by tax professionals on the rise this year. Through June 30, 2021, there have been 222 data theft reports reported by tax professionals to the IRS, outpacing the rate of 211 in 2020 and 124 in 2019. The IRS noted that each report can affect hundreds of taxpayers and threaten the tax professional’s business.

The campaign, “Boost Security Immunity: Fighting Against Identity Theft” will encourage tax pros to take basic actions to stop data theft from their offices. This is the sixth year that the Security Summit partners have raised awareness about cybersecurity issues.

Tax professionals are often targeted for cyberattacks and hacking by criminal syndicates that are technologically savvy and well-funded. The cybercriminals either trick or hack their way into a tax pro’s computer systems to access client data. They can then use stolen data to file fraudulent tax returns that make it hard for the IRS and the states to detect because the false returns use real financial information.

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